Covid-19 Shop Guidance

In order to inform our customers of new policies and measures taken during the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve created this page as a source of information relating to our business and how we’re making our shop Covid-Safer.

We ask that all visitors to our shop adhere to these guidelines for everyone’s safety. Thank you for your understanding.

Please read our Shop Announcements section for the most recent information relating to the COVID-19 situation and our business.

Customer Guidance

Maximum of 2 Customers / Family Groups

Our shop space allows for a maximum of two customers or family groups to enter at any one time. If there are two or more customers or family groups in the shop upon your arrival, please briefly wait outside until it’s your time to enter. We will of course provide umbrellas for customers when it’s raining.

Face Coverings

Face Covering

It is mandatory for customers to wear face coverings in shops in Scotland, unless a medical condition prevents you from doing so. Our shop is no different, please adhere to this requirement. We appreciate face masks can be uncomfortable and feel restrictive to some people, which is why other face coverings are perfectly acceptable – scarfs, snood, bandana…

Hand Sanitiser
When entering, please use the hand-sanitiser provided, or use your own if you prefer. Washing hands is one of the ‘key’ things we can all do to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, simple but extremely effective.

Time in Shop
Please be respectful of others who may be waiting outside to enter the shop. We love a catch-up with our customers as much as our customers love our terrible patter and jokes, but please keep it to a minimum if there are people waiting outside, thanks.

Keep a Safe Distance
We have markings on the shop floor as a rough guide of the distance you should be trying to keep between yourself and others that may be with you, to other customers and staff in the shop at the same time. Obviously you can move around the shop and browse the shelves, just try keep a distance to other customers and staff as best as you can.

Stand here!
or here!

Staff & Shop Measures

We have installed pvc screens on our counters, which provides some level of protection for both our customers and staff.

Hand Sanitiser
We’ve also installed extra hand-sanitiser dispensers in our back shop for the staff to use.

Reduced Hours
Our shop door opening times have been slightly reduced.

Face Covering
Our staff wear face coverings in the front shop as much as possible, though under some circumstances when working with sharp implements or other potentially harmful machinery this isn’t also possible.

Useful Resources

Scottish Government:

UK Government:

WHO – Covid-19 Dashboard: