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How to… Barbecue the Tomahawk for 2 (v.3)

When we received our third ‘Tomahawk for 2’ on the Barbecue cooking tip, we knew we’d soon have to give the Tomahawk the space it deserves, its very own feature here on the website, watch this space. But in the meantime, our third ‘Tomahawk for 2’ on the Barbecue version is from Simon French of Kinnaird. Over to Simon…


Love and patience was spent dry-ageing the meat so it’s only right that this philosophy continues through the cooking process to get the best possible outcome. If you are willing to invest the time, this recipe will deliver you the best steak you’ve ever eaten. The technique uses a conventional gas grill BBQ using an indirect method of slow cooking with smoke then reverse searing at the end to give the perfect crust – ideally suited to the thick cut Tomahawk (approximately 3hr cook time).


  • Tomahawk for 2 Steak
  • Sea Salt and Pepper
  • Jack Daniels Smoking Chips
    (available online or @ The Range, Falkirk)
  • BBQ
  • Tinfoil
  • Cooking oil
  • Meat thermometer that can be read continuously whilst the lid is down


  1. Season the steak generously with salt and pepper, cover and place in the fridge.
    • Longer the better, preferably 6hrs or greater (e.g. 1st thing in the morning for cooking in the afternoon).
    • Ensure the salt is ground down in a mill or pestle & mortar (large flakes such as the raw Malden sea salt wont cut it).
    • If possible (but not essential), bring the meat out 2hrs before cooking and let it come up to room temperature.
  2. Make 3x smoke packs by taking a large handful of the smoking chips double wrapped in tinfoil then piercing holes top and bottom with a skewer.
    • If using dry woodchips, wrapping tightly is the key to preventing them catching fire on the BBQ – chips on fire is bad.
    • Some say pre-soak the chips for 30 mins, personally not for me – I’m not looking for additional moisture.
    • Skewer the 1st pack so you can place it right over the top of the gas burner.
  1. Configure the BBQ as follows.
    • Heating side – grate grill off, smoke pack resting close over top burner.
    • Cooking side – grate grill on.
  2. Turn on the burner under the smoke pack up to high then close the lid – wait until a thin veil of smoke starts to emerge from the pack.
    • Ensure you do get a good continuous smoke off the pack for a few minutes (without it catching fire) before moving to the next step.
    • Should take approximately 10-15 mins to get it smoking.
    • By the time the pack is smoking, the BBQ should be up to temperature, the internal temperature of the BBQ should be between 90-120°C.
    • Don’t stress if the temperature is a bit high – it will cool on the next step.
  3. Turn down the burner under the smoke pack to low, place meat on grate grill on the far side from the burner.
    • Ensure meat probe is fixed in the middle of the steak (with tip in the muscle as opposed to the fat).
  4. Close lid and cook maintaining oven temperature at 90-120°C (approximately 3hrs total cook time).
    • Replace smoke pack every 45 mins, note that each time a new pack is introduced it will need to be pre-heated on high heat until smoking. I keep the lid up whilst getting the smoke going on the next pack.
    • 3 smoke packs will get you most of the way through the cook, after the 3rd pack has been used up, just remove it and close the lid for the reminder of the cook. There will be plenty flavour in the meat by this point.
    • Flip steak once only, when it reaches 35°C on the meat probe (half way point).
    • Cook until desired taste is achieved on the meat probe:
      • Very Rare: 49°C
      • Rare: 52°C – shown in picture below
      • Med-Rare: 56°C
      • Med: 60°C
  5. Remove from BBQ and set aside, turn off the burner you were using and then light the one/two burners under the grate grill, turning up to max. Ensure grate grill is lightly coated with oil before heating. Close lid and bring BBQ temperature up to 320°C.
  6. Place meat on grill and sear on each side for 1 minute MAX, turn 90° after 30 secs to get criss-cross effect.
    Caution: Be very careful not to burn or over-cook the steak at this point. Close the lid between manoeuvres to keep the temperature up.
  1. You’re done – enjoy!
    • No significant rest period required due to slow cook process – 2 minutes should be plenty.
    • Cut along the bone to remove it then slice the steak across the grain into ½ inch slices.

A similar approach can be used on a charcoal grill, the foil smoke pack should be placed directly onto the coals and same indirect method of heating should be used by keeping the coals off to the side / topped up as required to maintain the temperature.

Best of luck, Simon French (Kinnaird)

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How to… Barbecue the Tomahawk for 2 (v.2)

I cooked one of your tomahawk steaks yesterday on the bbq and would like to share how I did it as it turned out great.

Fraser Campbell

It seems our Tomahawk’s are indeed a popular choice for the barbecue. We’ve got our second Tomahawk Barbecue tip, this time from Fraser Campbell, who’s went above and beyond the call of duty to document his tip. Take a look for yourself…


Tomahawk Steak - Remove from fridge and sit for 2 hours.


  1. Remove the Tomahawk from the fridge two hours before cooking.
  2. Using a charcoal BBQ, create two cooking zones. So, all the coals on one side of the bbq, one for direct heat and one for indirect.
  3. Once BBQ up to temperature, coat the steak with salt and pepper and place it on the side of the bbq with NO coals, so the Tomahawk is being cooked indirectly. 
  4. Flip and turn the Tomahawk every 10 minutes or so to ensure even cooking, at the same time basting it with some melted butter. 
  5. Your best friend here is a meat thermometer. I was trying to achieve an internal temp at the fattest part of the Tomahawk of 60°C for medium. I was checking the steak regularly and once at 59°C I moved the steak to cook over the coals for 2-3 minutes each side to achieve the char. 
  6. Tomahawk was then left to rest in the kitchen for around 12 minutes under foil. This method is called reverse searing and turned out perfect. 
Tomahawk steak - indirect cook over BBQ
Steps 3 & 4 – Indirect Cooking
Tomahawk steak - Direct cook over coals
Step 5 – Direct cooking over coals

The final results…

Tomahawk Steak (with Chicken) - The final results
Fraser Campbell’s BBQ Tomahawk served (Left), also Fraser’s “Nando’s-style” BBQ Chicken (Right)

Many thanks for sharing your BBQ tip, Fraser – it looks totally awesome, and we’d bet it tastes out of this world.
If you have a favourite recipe or cooking tip you’d like to share with us, simply email it to

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How to … Barbecue the Tomahawk for 2 (v.1)

Thanks so much to Tom Brennan for our first contribution to our community Cooking Tips & Recipes collection. Tom has put a slight twist on the Tomahawk cooking instructions by bring the barbecue into the equation. Give it a go yourself, or even submit a recipe for the collection yourself. Simply email it, with a picture or two to

Tomahawk for 2 BBQ's by Tom Brennan



  1. Marinade the Tomahawk in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a couple of hours
  2. Sprinkle the Tomahawk with Salt & Pepper
  3. Sit the Tomahawk Steak for an hour out of the fridge until it reaches room temperature
  4. Pre-heat your oven to about 200C
  5. Heat your barbecue to a high temperature, keeping lid closed
  6. Place steak on the barbecue for 4 minutes each side
  7. Once BBQ’d 4-Minutes each side only, place the steak into the hot oven on a wire rack over an oven tray for 18 to 20 mins
  8. Take the Tomahawk out of the oven and let the steak rest before cutting into steak size slices

This was an amazing steak full of flavour

Tom Brennan

Thank you so much for your barbecue tip for the mighty Tomahawk for 2 Steak.

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How to… Cook the ‘Tomahawk for 2’

Many of you have been asking the best way to cook this big guy so here goes (please remember this is for guidance only).

Here’s a quick list of what you will need:
– Salt & Pepper seasoning
– Butter or Cooking Oil
Tin Foil

Leave the Tomahawk steak out to reach room temperature, for roughly about 1 hour.

Pre-heat your oven to 210C (Gas Mark 7, 425F ). Season steak with salt and pepper.

When oven gets to temperature (or almost), heat a little butter or oil in a frying pan and turn to a high heat. Sear your steak on both sides to seal in the juices and flavour.

Place on the oven tray (if, like me, you want to minimise washing-up, put a sheet of tin foil on bottom of tray) and into the oven it goes!

Oven Cooking Time Guide
Medium-Rare –18 minutes
Medium – 20 minutes

After cooking, remove from oven and cover with tin foil – leave to rest for 15 minutes.

Hopefully everything else will be ready to serve. I like roast vegetables which can be banged in the oven at the same time as the steak but it’s your choice – chips, veg whatever you fancy. (Personally, I like a big dod of horseradish with this too).

Let us know how you get on in the comments section below – ENJOY!