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Online Service Update 16.4.21

Home-Delivery & Collection Date Selection

We’re delighted to announce we can now accept your online orders further in advance, and you can now choose from two different days to receive your order. This change applies to both our Home-Delivery service and our Click & Collect service. At checkout, simply select which service you require then choose the day you would like to receive your order. It couldn’t be simpler!

Service Update 210116

Shop Click & Collect days are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Home-Deliveries are made on a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Alternatively please visit our shop in Stenhousemuir from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm.

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We are keeping an eye on government advise regarding COVID-19 at present as we find ourselves approaching a similar situation as the beginning of 2020, with potentially more restrictions on the horizon.

Shop Opening Times (Under Review)

Monday to Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm


Home deliveries are currently three days of the week:

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday

We will expand our home-delivery service if we have to reduce any of our other services, such as shop opening hours or Click & Collect services. Currently our Home-Delivery service is available only to those within our delivery zone.

If you choose to utilise our home-delivery service you must ensure someone will be present to receive your order on the day specified in the highlighted schedule displayed on the website front page, basket & checkout pages.

Click & Collect (Under Review)

Recent reports suggest that Click & Collect services could be halted if the spread of COVID-19 continues as it has been over the past few weeks. If the decision is taken to cease all Click & Collect services we will have no option but to temporarily halt the service.

Website Updates

Updated list of businesses we supply can be found at:

We will shortly be implementing a new Delivery & Collection section of the ordering system. We hope to offer more flexibility to our customers by providing the option of more than one date option to receive your order, which means customers will be able to order slightly more in advance.

Depending on how things go with the current Collection service we may also introduce an option to select a time slot for your collection (under review).

And Finally…

Happy New Year to one and all. Thank you to all of our customers, regular and new.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

Take care,
Steven & Staff

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SHOP UPDATE – 10th July 2020

The use of face coverings become mandatory for customers in shops in Scotland from 9th July as Coronavirus restrictions are eased. The details of why our staff won’t be required to wear face coverings are detailed below. We are grateful to Food Standards Scotland for guidance and input in the development of this information for our customers.

It is Mandatory for customers to wear face coverings in shops.

  • Legislation does not require mandatory wearing of face coverings for staff if wearing them may present:-
    – A risk to food safety or hygiene. EG – The mask itself may contribute to fibres getting in the food.
    – A risk to the health and safety of the individual. EG – It is not safe to use knives, tools and equipment as a face covering may obstruct their view and lead to injury.
  • Some staff may use face coverings where a risk assessment considers it to be appropriate.
  • We continue to ensure the safety of our staff and customers where face coverings are not appropriate by:-
    – Ensuring physical distancing at all times.
    – Following strict hand washing rules.
    – Enhanced cleaning and deep cleaning procedures.
    – Using other forms of protection such as screens and visors.
  • Our measures are verified by regular inspections from local authorities.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Current Shop Opening Hours:
Monday 9am – 4pm
Tuesday 9am – 4pm
Wednesday 9am – 4pm
Thursday 9am – 4pm
Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm

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Shop Update 23rd May 2020

As expected, and cautiously welcomed, we’re making further changes to our schedules and opening our doors for normal trade a little more. We’ve placed our opening/ordering guidelines on the front page of the website and on the checkout page. Our schedule guidelines, highlighted within the coloured box, updates daily at midnight and will inform you when your order will be delivered, available for shop collection, and also our shop opening times.

At present, due to storage capacity we can process next day orders only, though you can now opt to collect your order on the next available shop opening. If in doubt, please check the highlighted schedule on the website.

Please note as of Monday 25th May 2020 our shop opening times will be as follows:

Opening Times (Hallam Road, Stenhousemuir)

Monday: 11:00am to 2:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am to 2:00pm
Friday: 11:00am to 2:00pm
The shop will be closed for public trade on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Home deliveries will now be made on the following three days of the week:

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday

Click & Collect

You can now opt to collect your online order from our shop in Stenhousemuir by selecting Shop Collection at Checkout. Collection days will be the same as our shop opening days/times; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
If you choose to collect your order from our shop, please remember to collect your order on the day advised in the highlighted schedule displayed on the website front page & checkout pages.

Website Updates

We’ve eased the restrictions on the site a bit, allowing the ability to place an order as a Guest. Placing an order as a Guest no longer makes it necessary to create an Account to place an order. We’re aware this can present a hurdle in placing an order for a few, so we’re trying to give everyone the option whether or not to create an Account. If you think there’s a chance that you’ll be placing more than one order with us, we’d highly recommend creating an account with us, which gives you the ability (if you can remember your password) to save your details for future use, essentially saving you a lot of time filling in the same details every time you place an order. There are yet more advantages if you choose to create an account other than saving time: order histories, future loyalty schemes, faster resolution to any issues that can happen, to name just a few.

To Create an Account with us simply visit this link and follow the steps to Register:

We will be bringing you more improvements over the next few weeks as we look at yet more ways to simplify the login process for those that already have an account with us, and especially for those who may be prone to forgetting their passwords (sound familiar?).

And Finally…

Thanks very much for your continued support, and reading our latest shop announcement, which we hope provides you with the essential information you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have. We look forward to seeing you in the shop more often from Monday, we’ve been saving up our worst jokes to share with you all.

Take care,
Steven & Staff

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Shop Update 15th May 2020

As a result of the ever-changing situation we have decided to now open our shop in Stenhousemuir to the public for normal trade for two days of the week, Mondays from 10:30am to 2:00pm, and Saturdays from 10:30am to 1pm. As always, you are most welcome to visit our shop in Stenhousemuir and we look forward to some customer banter. 

If you do intend on paying us a visit, please adhere to public safety guidelines on physical-distancing of at least two meters, and using our hand-sanitiser provided when you enter. These steps are important and will help reduce the chances of spreading covid-19.

We also need to announce that there will be no home deliveries this Monday (18th May). 

If you place and select ‘home delivery’ after 7:00am on Saturday morning (when we start processing orders) you will receive your delivery the following Tuesday 19th. 

You still have time to order for Saturday delivery.

We will of course provide an option to collect your online order from the shop in Stenhousemuir if you wish to, for both this Saturday and Monday openings. There is no charge for shop collection.

Thanks again for all your support, likes and shares, recipes and cooking tips. Please keep them coming!

Steven & Staff

R. Brown & Son, Butchers

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Shop Update 24th April 2020

Important Shop Announcement


From this Monday (11th May), our delivery days will be as follows: Tuesdays to Saturdays. There will be no deliveries made on Sundays or Mondays, including the 27th.

All orders placed from 7:00AM on a Saturday, to 7:00AM the following Monday, will be delivered on the Tuesday.
Furthermore, any order placed from 7am on Tuesday will be delivered on Wednesday, and so on… next-day delivery.

These changes are necessary for us to continue to provide an optimal service to our customers, and also to give our staff some breathing space. We’ve been flat-out since this all started and most of the staff haven’t even had a day off.

Shop Opening

Yes, we’re opening for a short while every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. This will allow you to collect any orders placed between the times of 7:00am on Friday to 7:00am on Saturday. Or if you’d prefer to have a normal shop without involving technology you’ll be most welcome.

Please practise physical distancing measures when you visit, and you will be asked by the serving staff to use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter the shop.

We would much prefer if you can use contactless payment methods, though we understand that isn’t possible for everyone.

PayPal Checkout

Finally, we’re aware that some of you have experienced issues with PayPal, or don’t want to use it. We’d like to remind you that you don’t need a PayPal account to pay for your order, they do accept debit & credit cards as an option without creating an account, please get in touch if you don’t see this option. We are working hard to simplify the checkout experience for you, and we expect these changes to be in-place within the next week or two. 

Steven & Staff

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What a week!

It certainly was a rollercoaster, a scary one at that.

Firstly I must give a huge thank you to all of the staff for working so hard this week. It’s fair to say the wheels would have fallen off this ride very quickly if it were not for your efforts and ability to hold things together. Great work team, I’m very proud of you and what you’re doing for the community. We’re operating with reduced staff numbers at the moment, which really doesn’t help matters, but it’s necessary. Please spare them a wee thought next time you’re clapping for the front-liners.

I’d also like to thank every single one of you for bearing with us at this challenging time. We know things are far from ideal and we’re just as keen as everyone for things to return to normality. As always, your custom is extremely valued, and your words of encouragement is what keeps us going. Thank you.

The world of online retail is new for us. Our original intention was to quietly launch the web shop and spend time ’live’ testing with some of our customers. However, best-laid plans are next to useless at times like these, so we’ve had to dive in head-first at the deep end. There are a few creases to be ironed out but we’re getting there. 

I’d like to also mention that we can no longer accept bespoke orders through Facebook. We are running at capacity as-is, and for now we ask that you use the online webshop, which you can find at:

Thank you for your understanding and support. Stay safe!
Steven Brown

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Shop Update 28th March 2020

We are currently operating with limited staff numbers, whilst simultaneously receiving an extremely high volume of calls. For this reason as of today, Saturday the 28th of March, we must stop accepting bespoke customer orders over the telephone or via Facebook. We can now only accept telephone orders from our elderly customers. Thank you for your understanding at this time. We very much appreciate ALL your custom, but for now we must streamline operations.

Fear not, however, as of Monday (30th March) you will be able to order items directly from our very own online shop. We will do our best in providing the essentials to keep you going, and increase the online stock inventory over time. For now, you can sign-up to our website Mailing List, which we will shortly begin using for our customer communications.

We would like to thank you so much for your patience and understanding at this time.

Stenhousemuir Outlet

As of the 26th of March, the difficult decision to cease front-shop trading was put in place. Instead, we are now focussing on production, and deliveries throughout the community. This decision does not come lightly, but it is the most sensible approach at this time. We must help in protecting our customers and the community, ease the work pressure and protect our vital staff, and encourage our customers to stay way from busy environments.

R. Brown & Son Delivery Van

Home Deliveries

We can take your online order from March 30th, and deliver it straight to your door. A delivery charge of £1.50, £2.50, or £3.50 will apply, depending how far away you are to our shop in Stenhousemuir. These charges are subject to change.

Our driver will leave your order on the doorstep of the delivery address, chap your door and wait at a safe distance until you have responded.

We also stock some small village stores throughout Falkirk (and beyond). Have a look to see if you have a supplier in your area.

Shop Collection

Sorry, we cannot offer shop collection at this time.

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Shop Update 24th March 2020

Stenhousemuir Outlet

As of Wednesday, 25th of March, our shop doors will be open from 10am – 12pm, Monday to Saturday. We will remain fully operational in the back shop throughout the day, working hard to deliver orders directly to the doorsteps of the community. This is currently subject to change.

It is of utmost importance you adhere to the following notice if you plan on visiting our shop. We must do what we can to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, and help protect our staff and vulnerable customers.

CRITICAL: Please DO NOT visit our shop in Stenhousemuir if your situation relates to the following:

  • You are feeling unwell or have any symptoms relating to Coronavirus (fever and/or persistent dry cough), influenza, or the common cold
  • You have been in proximity of anyone feeling unwell or showing any symptoms within the last 14 days
  • You have recently returned from travelling abroad within the last 14 days

We ask that there are a maximum of two customers enter the shop at any one time. If you find there is a queue, the recommendation is to leave gaps of at least two metres. Please give priority to our elder and vulnerable customers, thank you. For added protection we have installed a hand-sanitiser for all customers to use as you enter and leave the shop.

Home Deliveries

We can take your order and deliver it straight to your door. If you live in the Larbert and Stenhousemuir area, this service is £1.50. For all other areas surrounding Larbert & Stenhousemuir there will be a delivery fee of £2.50.

Simply call 01324 553131 during working hours for Next-Day delivery. Please ensure you will be home on the day of your delivery. Our driver will call or text you just prior to delivery, and they will leave your order on the doorstep of the delivery address.


You can pay with your credit or debit card over the telephone. We will require your Full Name, Address, Postcode, Contact Number, and Card Details.

Elderly Community Members

We’re aware many of the elder members of the community have no means of paying by card. Our driver will accept cash payments if this is the case.

You may know of some elderly members of the community who are isolated that need help to get supplies. We’re determined to help however we can. Give us a call to discuss their needs and we’ll take care of it.

Shop Collection

Right now we would prefer to reduce the amount of people visiting the shop, for obvious reasons. However, you can visit the shop during our revised opening times (10am to 12pm), but please follow our guidelines when doing so.

NHS Staff

We’re aware how much support you’ll need right now, give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re not without some supplies. Plus, show us your NHS Staff badge and you’ll get 20% DISCOUNT.


We would ask everyone to be sensible and only purchase what you need for the next few days.

We aim to extend our services with the launch of an online ordering system next week. Until then simply give us a call with your order (01324 553131) and let us take care of the rest.

We are continually monitoring the situation and following government guidelines and announcements. Please do not attempt to order through Facebook. If you wish to contact us electronically please use our online Contact Form. Thank you, and take care.

Steven Brown

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Shop Update 21st March 2020

CRITICAL: Please DO NOT visit our shop in Stenhousemuir if your situation relates to the following:

  • You are feeling unwell or have any symptoms relating to Coronavirus (fever and/or persistent dry cough), influenza, or even a the common cold
  • You have been in proximity of anyone feeling unwell or showing any symptoms within the last 14 days
  • You have recently returned from travelling abroad within the last 14 days

It is of utmost importance you adhere to this notice to protect our staff and vulnerable customers, we must ALL do what we can to help reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

We would like to echo the government’s advice on social-distancing and self-isolation where necessary. As a primary service our shop will continue to keep the doors open, but from Monday (23rd of March) we will require the following condition to be followed by all visitors:

Maximum of two persons enter the shop at any one time. If you find there is a queue, please leave gaps of at least two metres.

We are continually monitoring the situation and following all government guidelines and announcements, therefor additional conditions for visiting the shop may follow in time.

For Customers Stuck at home

If you cannot visit the shop you can call us on 01324 553131 to place and pay for an order over the telephone. We will deliver the order to you and leave it on your door step. At this present time we can only accept orders within the surrounding areas of Larbert and Stenhousemuir, however this will be extended throughout Falkirk shortly.

Please do not attempt to order through Facebook. If you wish to contact us electronically please use our online Contact Form.

We’re working hard behind the scenes to open our online ordering system. We aim to have this operational from early next week.


Be rest-assured we will remain open and we will do our best to support the most vulnerable and elderly within the community.

We would ask everyone to be sensible and only purchase what you need. We reserve the right to limit orders online and within the shop if customers are deemed to be panic-buying and hoarding. There will be enough for everyone, so long as people share a community spirit.

We thank you for reading this announcement, and we fully appreciate these are exceptionally testing times.

Please do take this seriously regardless of your age or well-being, follow all government advice, and look out for each other, especially those at most risk.

Further reading:




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New Website Launched

Welcome to our brand-new website, and thanks for stopping by. Over the coming months we’ll be introducing more of our business online, giving you the chance to view our stock and become more familiar with our operations. We’ll update our News section on a semi-regular basis, with shop updates and local community info and events happening in the area. We also aim to publish helpful information and tips to assist in your cooking endeavours.

We will soon open our national delivery service for our best selling products to wider regions of the UK, but for now, we’ll ease into things by offering a ‘Click & Collect‘ service for locals.

For regular shop updates and promotions be sure to subscribe to our Mailing List.